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Name: Philip Wood Beat Fished: Lane Barton Date Fished 22/4/17

3 Brown Trout on a Parachute Adams, largest 9/10 inches. Pretty hard going with not much rising even though there was lots of fly life. Lower half of the beat was extremely coloured and barely fishable due to cattle in the river. All fish from top half of the beat.  

Name: Ian Groom Beat Fished: West Dart = Princes Hall Date Fished 22 Apr 17

1 Small brown trout – 6 Inches. Caught on small Pheasant tail nymph  

Name: Ashley Whitfield Beat Fished: West Dart Date Fished 20/04/17

7 Brown trout from 3-5 inches all on Red Diawl Bach size 16. Saw no rises all day and all fish caught after lunch as temperature increased slightly. Progress along north bank stopped by gorse and broom eventually 

Name: Richard May Beat Fished: West Dart Date Fished 14/04/2017


Name: Philip Wood Beat Fished: Wiggaton Date Fished 21/04/2017

20+ Brown Trout up to 9″ and one small Grayling. All on dries.  

Name: Andrew Pieterse Beat Fished: Upper Yealm Date Fished 18/04/2017

12 x BT on a hares’ ear emerger  

Name: Bruno Vincent Beat Fished: Tresillian Date Fished 14/04/2017

7 brown trout from 5 – 9 inches (and a fingerling) all on copper nymph or red spider. no rises.  

Name: David Blackbourn Beat Fished: Upper Yealm Date Fished 11/4/17

12 brown trout from ca. 3-8 inches  

Name: E Hole Beat Fished: Grogarth Date Fished 16/04/17

Hooked around 20 small brown trout, landed about 12. All 5-7 inch brownies, beautifully marked. Most on size 14 black caddis dry fly, a few on GRHE. River held a little colour, most fish coming from unbroken water around 1 foot deep. Brilliant afternoons fishing, a great beat. Had no pen so had to leave the 2 tokens blank.  

Name: Don Read Beat Fished: Sydenham Date Fished 12/4/17

Nil ! However had two plucks and a long distance release! Lovely stretch of water.

Name: Paul Cowlishaw Beat Fished: West Dart Princes Hall Date Fished 2017-04-06

One brown trout  

Name: Jack Brown Beat Fished: Hexworthy Date Fished


Name: Chris montgomerie Beat Fished: West dart and cherrybrook Date Fished 2017-04-06

Nothing caught, only saw one fish all day.

Name: Miss Latham Beat Fished: Dartmoor Fishery – East Dart North of Postbridge Date Fished 2017-04-03

2 brown trout on a black gnat dry fly. 8″ + 11″ 3 other takes.

Name: Matt Rigby Beat Fished: East Dart Date Fished 2017-03-25

25 March early in the season but a sunny day bought on a sporadic hatches around midday – very difficult fishing but managed 4 small browns fishing spiders down and across in areas where insects were hatching. Took another on a GRHE in a deeper run.

Name: Mr Reed Beat Fished: Knowle farm Date Fished 15/03/16


Name: marco perrett Beat Fished: West Dart below Hexworthy Date Fished 2017-03-18

2 Brown Trout ,11″ and 8″ respectively. Caught on black pattern weighted nymph with very long tippet and klinkhammer as bite indicator. Dippers and Grey wagtails and rain.River pushing but clear. Date 18th March 2017.

Name: Matthew Thomas Beat Fished: Dartmoor- West Dart Date Fished 2017-03-18

Missed 1 on the nymph, first day of the season so still somewhat chilly though……

Name: Mark Sutton Beat Fished: Week bridge Date Fished 2017-03-16 

Two rods. Water very clear. No rising fish. Both used nymph for whole length. No fish caught

Name: Mr Pieterse Beat Fished:  Beat 17 – Rake Water Date Fished: 18/08/16

12 brown trout 6-9 inches and school peal of 15inches!  All on size 18 PTN. 

Name: Mr Gray Beat Fished:  Dartmoor Fishery – Cowsic Date Fished: 18/08/16

9 small browns on the dry.

Name: Mr Pieterse Beat Fished:  Beat 39 – Upper Yealm Date Fished: 12/08/16

20’ish brown trout (lost count in the teens), 6-11 inches. A few 10 inchers and an 11’incher being the highlight. Mostly on PTN. A great day’s fishing.

Name: Mr Stephens Beat Fished:  Dartmoor Fishery – West Dart at Two Bridges Date Fished: 09/08/16

River very low, as expected. Bright sunshine, down stream north westerly wind. About 10 small fish to hand. Several more were of insufficient size to be hooked properly, so fell off, which is good. One decent fish missed. A great few hours under fairly difficult conditions. Dry Greenwells Glory size 16 from Turrells did the work.

Name: TBC Beat Fished:  Beat 13 – Lane Barton Date Fished: 08/08/16

12 brown trout 4 -12″ on dry fly and nymph, smashing day.

Name: TBC Beat Fished:  Beat 13 – Lane Barton Date Fished: 05/08/16

13 browns on Grey Duster, river full of fish.

Name: Mr Tucker Beat Fished:  Dartmoor Fishery – Dunnabridge Date Fished: 27/07/16

8 Brown Trout 5-8″ Scruffy black klinks and a couple on small gold beaded PTNs. Bracken quite difficult to push through near the river.

Name: Mr Lockwood-Taylor Beat Fished:  Dartmoor Fishery – Two Bridges Date Fished: 21/07/16

7 brown trout to 6″, all returned.

Name: A Sheldon Beat Fished:  6 – Garramarsh Farm Date Fished: 14/07/16

Two fish (brownies) to hand safely released. Several more lost & takes missed all on a Grey Duster dry. Bright sunshine & gin clear low water so I reckon return isn’t too bad. Average size seems small (6″ or so) but there must be some bigger ones lurking in the deeper pools. Lovely few hours fishing in beautiful surroundings. Thanks! Fished 11am – 4pm. Trickle of upswings/sedges coming off all day. Kingfisher spotted several times

Name: TBC Beat Fished:  8 – Park Mill Date Fished: 18/07/16

Two fishing – 1 brown trout 6″ on dry, 5 brown trout to 9″ on dry.

Name: Mr Harvey Beat Fished:  36 – Tregeagle Date Fished: 23/06/16

Fished 23 June: 14 brown trout between 5″ and 9″ on various weighted GRHE patterns, all returned. Access is challenging through the undergrowth and with a complete tree canopy over the water, but this is a charming beat with feisty fish and is a treat for those interested in wild fishing. The river became too cloudy/coloured to continue fishing in the early afternoon and this looked due to activity upstream.

Name: Mr Drew Beat Fished:  Dartmoor Fishery – West Dart – Princehall Date Fished: 23/06/16

12 brown trout to 9″, all returned.

Name: Mr Peacock Beat Fished:  Dartmoor Fishery – East Dart below Bellever Bridge Date Fished: 21/06/16

Great conditions, 20 plus fish including 14″ and 11″.  Red Letter Day.

Name: Mr Drew Beat Fished:  Dartmoor Fishery – East Dart – upstream Bellever Date Fished: 21/06/16

15 brown trout to 11″, all returned.

Name: Mr Drew Beat Fished:  Dartmoor Fishery – East Dart – upstream Bellever. Date Fished: 21/06/16

15 brown trout to 11″, all returned.

Name: TBC Beat Fished:  26 – Sydenham Date Fished: 21/06/16

15 fish to 11″.  Coloured water – good thing!

Name: Mr Daukszys  Beat Fished:  Dartmoor Fishery – West Dart Date Fished: 19/06/16

10 brown trout, polish nymph method, 10 brownies between 7” – 10” , black tail pheasant nymph size 12-14. Great day on Duchy waters.

Name: Mr Hart  Beat Fished:  26 – Sydenham Date Fished: 18/06/16

14 browns, 5 grayling, 1 sea trout (approx. 1lb 4oz).  All on weighted nymph, all returned.  Wonderful day.  Thank you.

Name: TBC  Beat Fished:  17 – Rake Water Date Fished: 16/06/16

9 brown trout to 1/2lb.

Name: Mr Mullins  Beat Fished:  6 – Garramarsh Farm Date Fished: 15/06/16

1 x 3/4lb brown trout while fishing for sea trout.

Name: Mr Mullins  Beat Fished:  6 – Garramarsh Farm Date Fished: 14/06/16

Fished 14 June. 6 brown trout up to 3/4 lb on dry fly. All returned

Name: Messrs Denny & 0’Brien  Beat Fished:  22 – Ham Mill Date Fished: 13/06/16

Our favourite beat of the long weekend. The first stretch of the Ottery was slow with nothing showing, but then the river picked up and we had great sport with trout and grayling coming to nymphs and big mayfly patterns. Between us we landed 11 trout and 9 grayling. Would happily come back to this beat in future.

Name: Messrs Denny & 0’Brien  Beat Fished:  27 – Knowle Farm Date Fished: 13/06/16

A slow start to the day here with very few rising fish all day. Things picked up in the afternoon and between us we landed 15 brown trout and 2 grayling (plus a handful of salmon parr). All released. The two best fish of the day managed their own early release.

Name: Messrs Denny & 0’Brien  Beat Fished:  13 – Lane Barton Date Fished: 13/06/16

Exciting fishing with mayfly hatching and hundreds of rises – the only problem was connecting with the fish. Between us we managed only 5 brown trout. Lets hope our performance improves over the next few days.

Name: Mr Leins  Beat Fished:  26 – Sydenham Date Fished: 13/06/16

8 small brown trout 1 @ 9″ 1 @ 6″ 6 @ 4″. Disappointing. 7 on nymph.

Name: Mr Bilbae  Beat Fished:  34 – Tresarret Date Fished: 012/06/16

I fished on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 6,7,and 8 June 2016 from 18:30 to 21:30 approx. Wonderful evenings. On Tuesday I also met with a father and his son, very kind fishermen. I caught Monday around 25-30 brownies, Tuesday 12-15 and Wednesday 15-20; most of them around 6-9 inch but caught 3 of 11-12 inches. On nymph and dry. Many fishing with tandem.

Name: Mr McPherson  Beat Fished:  35 – Grogarth Date Fished: 11/06/16

With the weather for the weekend unsettled, I decided to stay down West and try one of my more local beats. I’ve never fished this beat before. 2 Brown Trout (one 7-8″ and one about 5″) taken on a dark bodied Klinkhammer in the first 30 m of the beat. The water was reasonably clear and I anticipated a good session. Unfortunately about 15 minutes after starting I got hit by a heavy shower that went on for about 20 minutes and by the end the river had really coloured up, and with more rain threatening I abandoned. I will go back and try in on a more clement day! I would make a couple of comments about this beat : firstly the banks are very overgrown and I found it difficult to access just above the bridge secondly there is a wire (possibly an electric fence wire) stretched across the river about 25m above the bridge and about 3m about the water. I caught my fly on it, but I reckon you could you could damage your rod on it.

Name: Mr McPherson  Beat Fished:  21 – Netherbridge Date Fished: 03/06/16

Fished for a couple of hours. Cold, but sunny afternoon. Water quite low. Top half of beat more productive. 3 small Brown Trout (4-6″). 2 small Grayling (4-6″). All on nymph fished NZ style. A few fish rose to the dry, but didn’t take.

Name: Mr Pieterse  Beat Fished:  17 – Rake Water Date Fished: 03/06/16

4 BT on a hares ear nymph.

Name: Mr Jefferies  Beat Fished:  26 – Sydenham Date Fished: 01/06/16

6 brownies, 8-10″ all returned, 2 smaller browns.  All on nymphs in fast water.

Name: Mr Parish  Beat Fished:  26 – Sydenham Date Fished: 01/06/16

15 brown trout, 4 grayling.

Name: Mr Nurick  Beat Fished:  6 – Garramarsh Farm Date Fished: 31/05/16

2 Brown Trout 4″ on May fly. The best of 3 beats fished over the bank holiday weekend. Great secluded location. Keen to return later in the season.

Name: Mr Copeland Beat Fished:  2 – Week Bridge Date Fished: 23/05/16

5 Brown Trout – all measured, lovely 3 hrs fishing before the rain 1 x 7″ 2 x 6″ 2 x 4″ 3 on nymph 2 on dry fly.

Name: TBC Beat Fished:  8 – Park Mill Date Fished: 24/05/16

4 brown trout taken on dries.  Largest 9 inch.  Very enjoyable.

Name: Mr Bennett Beat Fished:  6 – Garramarsh Farm Date Fished: 19/05/16

4 Brown Trout 6 – 8 ” caught in less than 3 hours on G.R.H.E.

Name: Mr Finnegan Beat Fished:  35 – Grogarth Date Fished: 19/05/16

Warm and cloudy with light wind from the south. Very occasional rises to something not visible! Eight browns to 8 inches in an hour on size 14 parachute Adams.

Name: Mr Stockley Beat Fished:  33 – Berrio Mill Date Fished: 16/05/16

One brown trout caught using Tenkara rod and fly at Berrio Mill, and quite few more seen but uncaught. Fantastic site for easy access and parking, a lovely bit of river with crystal clear water.

Name: Mr Vincent Beat Fished:  36 – Tregeagle Date Fished: 13/05/16

First venture on a passport or even cornish river. 4 small perfect browns to hand and 4 lost just inches from hand. All on a cdc F fly size 16. Shorter and furled leaders needed next time. 12ft of nylon was most of my cast.

Name: Mr Marks Beat Fished:  Dartmoor Fishery Date Fished: 13/05/16

Fished for four hours upstream of Postbridge. Caught a good number of trout to ten inches all returned. I found the stream to be in healthy state with plenty of fly life. 12 trout in all . A lovely secluded stretch of water.

Name: Mr Wood Beat Fished:  7 – Blue Fox Glade Date Fished: 10/05/16

11 Brown Trout, largest was just over 10 inches. Best fly I tried was a CDC and Elk. A slow start but it picked up in the early afternoon. Quite a few Mayflies were on the water but no sign of any being taken. A lovely beat but the walk back required several stops to admire the fantastic displays of Bluebells (and to get my breath back).

Name: Mr Wood Beat Fished:  27 – Knowle Farm Date Fished: 09/05/16

5 Brown Trout, biggest was about 9 inches. Klinkhammer was the most effective fly I tried. A tough day, the river was low and nothing was rising. Nymphs didn’t seem to be working. I used a 7ft rod and found it quite tricky casting in many areas, a 6ft rod may be beneficial here. The beat would benefit from some of the overhanging trees being sympathetically pruned to make casting a little easier.

Name: Mr Wood Beat Fished:  23 – Treburtle Date Fished: 08/05/16

25+ Brown Trout (I lost count), biggest between 11 and 12 inches. All taken on dries – Parachute Adams was the most effective of the flies I tried. A fantastic days fishing – what a great beat. 

Name: Mr Ogston Beat Fished:  22 – Ham Mill Date Fished: 07/05/16

14 brown trout 4″-12″.  Grayling 6″.  PTN, klinkhammer.

Name: Mr Martin Beat Fished:  7 – Blue Fox Glade Date Fished: 03/05/16

River low, weather improving – stealthy!  10+ fish to 11″, most  8 or 9″ long.  Nymphs when dries were not working, half on dries – CDC upright hackle and some leggy bits on a size 14. 

Name: TBC Beat Fished: 5 – Castle Hill Date Fished: 11/04/16

8 brown trout in total, 1 of 11″, 5 of 8-9″.

Name: Mr Hadden Beat Fished: 9 – Rothern Bridge Date Fished: 30/04/16

3 Trout in all. 2 of 10 inches each and one smaller of 5 inches. Caught on emerger patterns.

Name: Mr McCallister Beat Fished: Dartmoor – West Dart Date Fished: 29/04/16

Mixed day weather wise,absolutely nothing showing and no rises, a few brief hatches in the afternoon,no response to wet or dry. Nevertheless nice to be out on such a lovely and varied stretch of river. Nil return. 

Name: TBC Beat Fished: 6 – Garramarsh Farm Date Fished: 29/04/16

5 Brown Trout to 8″ all on copper beaded nymph.

Name: Mr Cupitt Beat Fished: 26 – Sydenham Date Fished: 24/04/16

13 x Brown Trout & 2 x Grayling caught. All small , beautiful fish (3.5” to 5”). The grayling were the largest (7.5”). All carefully returned. A further 6 fish hooked but failed to land – including one taken on a dry klinkhammer.

Name: TBC Beat Fished: 27 – Knowle Farm Date Fished: 20/04/16

8 brown trout and a 10″ grayling.

Name: Mr Hadde Beat Fished: 9 – Rothern Bridge Date Fished: 17/04/16

1x 8″ brown trout Caught on pheasant tail nymph in slow water.

Name: Mr Finnegan Beat Fished: 24 – Wiggaton Date Fished: 28/03/16

2 x bt both 6/7 inches Steady light rain and southerly breeze. No fish showing and no fly life. Both fish caught on a “black magic” nymph.

Name: Mr Smithson Beat Fished: Dartmoor Fishery – West Dart and Blackabrook Date Fished: 28/03/16

 Lovely warm spring day, wind light occ. gusty SSE, water at a nice level. Occasional fly hatching but only one fish rose, and no luck either with beaded nymph or Klinkhamer. Realistically it was too early for the Moor, but great to be out with the rod again!

Name: Mr Sutton Beat Fished: 4 – Upper Culml Date Fished: 26/03/16

Payed homage to Tree Gods with several flies! No rises No fish with dry or nymph

Name: Mr Fisher Beat Fished: 8 – Park Mill Date Fished: 31/08/15

3 Brown Trout to 9″, nice fish

Name: Mr Elford Beat Fished: 22 – Ham Mill Date Fished: 22/08/15

8 Brown Trout to 7″ 8 Grayling 1 at 15″ rest to 8″ 1 Sea Trout 1.5 – 2lb (est) 1 Chub (or could have been a Dace, certainly a coarse fish) 6″ Plenty of fish rising but could not crack the code for what they were feeding on. All fish to orange or pink tungstun nymph. Weather Heavy overnight rain. Fished in bright sunshine. River conditions 1200 – 1630 nice colour and flow. 1630 – 1700 water rose by nearly a foot and went brown.

Name: Mr Elford Beat Fished: 21 – Netherbridge Court Date Fished: 18/08/15

Sunny spells, dry. Water still coloured from rain. 1 Brown Trout 3 Grayling to 12″ All on pink tag nymph Only a few small fish rising.

Name: Mr Farrar Beat Fished: Dartmoor Fishery – West Dart Date Fished: 11/08/15

Approx 15 fish upto 8 inches, all returned, caught on dry Klinkhammer.

Name: Mr Bryant Beat Fished: Dartmoor Fishery – East Dart (downstream from Bellever) Date Fished: 4/08/15

24 Browns mostly on dries, a few on nymph. Best fish just over 11″.

Name: Mr Lamerton Beat Fished: Dartmoor Fishery – East Dart (Postbridge) Date Fished: 1/08/15

17 brown trout all under 8″ on elk hair caddis and Adams. Fished upstream of Postbridge for 4 hours, it rained quite a bit.

Name: Mr Forshaw Beat Fished: 20 – Netherbridge Date Fished: 30/07/15

6 brown trout to 9½”. Despite it being July they took a grey drake (mayfly spinner imitation). Also broken (bad knot?) on a pheasant tail nymph and rose a few other fish including some, though not many to an Adams. A hooked fish I lost would probably have been the bigger than those netted.

Name: Mr Totman Beat Fished: 27 – Knowle Farm Date Fished: 11/07/15

19 brownies, including 2 of 10″ & 1 of 13″. Probably missed 100+! All on size 16 black klinkhammer.

Name: C Collard Beat Fished: 4 – Upper Culm Date Fished: 5/06/15

3 brown trout to 10″ – mayfly

Name: C Farley Beat Fished: 8 – Park Mill Date Fished: 14/06/15

4 wbt to 6″

Name: TBC Beat Fished: 8 – Park Mill Date Fished: 24/05/15

two rods – 6 wbt, largest 12″ and 8 wbt, largest 7″ all to dry Adams and Grey Klinks

Name: Mr Wallace Beat Fished: 17 – Rake Water Date Fished: 12/04/15

10 WBT to 8″

Name: Mr Finnegan Beat Fished: 23 – Treburtle Date Fished: 15/04/15

17 brown trout and missed many more all on deer hair caddis but very few rising fish

Name: d Beanland Beat Fished: 24 – Wiggaton Date Fished: 11/05/15

11 brown trout, largest 9″

Name: M Crouch Beat Fished: 22 – Ham Mill Date Fished: 04/05/15

9 brown trout 6-9″ all returned

Name: Graham Waterton Beat Fished: East Dart Date Fished: 26/04/15

14 brown trout 5-8″, 2 brown trout 8-10. All on size 10 elk hair caddis

Name: Mr Holland Beat Fished: 5 – Castle Hill Date Fished: 1/05/15

Warm, sunny, light NE wind. No consistent hatch but a few olives and midges between midday and 3pm. Fished NZ rig, 9 brown trout caught, largest 10″, very low and clear.

Name: Mr Wilcox Beat Fished: 5 – Castle Hill Date Fished: 1/05/15

10 browns to the net with a further 12 lost, largest 12″ – para Adams #16

Name: Mr Wilcox Beat Fished: Two Bridges Date Fished: 1/05/15

3 browns 7-8″ PTN copper bead head #16 and blackcountry PTN my fly #16

Name: Nick Pearce Beat Fished: 3 – Champerhaies Date Fished: 3/05/15

Despite fairly persistent rain, I caught a nice 1lb wild fish 300yds down from the bridge.  It took a beaded daddy.  A few small fish rising but difficult.

Name: Mike Cox Beat Fished: Two Bridges Date Fished: 4/05/15

5 browns 8-10″ #18 parachute Adams

Name: E C Townsend Beat Fished: 7 – Rake Water Date Fished: 21/04/15

Crisp start – followed by bright and sunny day. Some olives and stoneflies coming off the water. Caught 4 small fish on dry fly – all safely returned (de-barbed hooks) plus one on pheasant tail nymph. Fish began rising at 10.30 and were still at it at 4.30pm. A great day out very ably guided by Geoff Stephens

Name: Jason Dingle     Beat Fished: Two Bridges     Date Fished: 25/03/15

Name: J Galley Beat Fished: 19 – Druxton Date Fished: 21/04/15
3 x brown trout, 1 x 10″+ all on dries, lovely sunny day!

Name: Sean Finnegan     Beat Fished: 23 – Treburtle     Date Fished: 25/03/15

Cool at 9 degrees. Sunny periods with downstream wind Caught 5 browns 2″ to 8″, and 1 grayling at 8″ on deep nymph between 1200hrs and 1400hrs. A few midges on surface but fish had their heads down.

Name: Mark Raymont     Beat Fished: 6 – Garramarsh Farm     Date Fished: 22/03/15

Nil, Weather cold and bright beat looking good.

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