A miserable start weather wise has meant that not many anglers have ventured out and those that did haven’t usually stayed long.

Sport has been slow with low night time temperatures (and day time for that matter) allowing for only the occasional and sparsest of hatches and the very occasional rising fish.  Some fish have come to weighted nymph though, with most anglers having their own killer favourite.

Copper John has featured regularly as have other patterns that contain copper, the copper headed hare’s ear for instance.  With no rising fish most anglers have opted for the weighted nymph although others have tried the traditional wet fly, a method that is often overlooked these days.

The best of the sport, generally, seems to have been on the upper sections of the lowland rivers although we have heard sport on the main Tamar beats has been good, including a larger fish or two.  The picture above is of a lucky young man who fished on beat 28 on the Thrushel yesterday.  He contacted three fish, this pristine specimen, one of a similar size and one a little smaller; his favourite pattern – a heavily weighted Rhyacophila or caseless caddis.

Other beats reporting good catches include beat 6 at Garramarsh Farm, 26 at Sydenham and 27 at Knowle Farm.  Reports from other beats are still awaited and it sounds like Dartmoor is yet to wake up but with things starting to feel a little warmer and the forecast looking favourable we could be ‘on’ shortly?