As usual, Christmas is over in a flash, the New Year is well underway and we feel very behind on getting ready for the coming season!

At least we now have the 2016 Tokens in stock, they are valued at £3 each this season although this will not  make a great difference to the price of a days fishing; some beats will be a little more expensive, some a little cheaper.  Apart from this we aren’t anticipating too many changes from last year.  We will be updating all of the beat information and getting the 2016 brochure together shortly.  Although the brochure costs £4.99 these days (it was available free in the past) it was very popular last year so, if you need one, please bear with us, it should be available well in advance of the start of the season.

On the Duchy of Cornwall Dartmoor Fishery last season salmon and sea trout fishing became catch and release only from the 22 July. Salmon will remain catch and release only until the 16 June, when the EA will review the emergency byelaw put in place last season. We will have to wait and see what is decided but hopefully we will not have a repeat of the many diseased fish witnessed in 2015. Sea trout may again be retained in 2016 in line with the usual Dartmoor Fishery bag limits – details can be found in the Fishery Guide –  Brown trout fishing was generally good last season, lets hope for another good one.

Further information to follow but please feel free to drop us a line if you would like anything further in the meantime.  Best wishes for 2016.