As you read this, the last of the tokens should be with all our agents and the website and our phone lines are eagerly awaiting the usual rush of early season sales. Little has changed since last year, although we have had to close a couple of beats, we’re optimistic of some expansion across the scheme over the coming months.

Our parents The West Country Rivers Trust have been working tirelessly to improve all aspects of our river’s health; Water Quality testing (including the citizen science program River Buffs), Electro-fishing to monitor juvenile fish stocks, assessment and improvement of barriers to fish migration and much more. Meanwhile beat owners have undertaken plenty of work of their own making your experience in the river safer and more enjoyable without losing the adventure and challenge that is west country angling.

For those new to the passport, we try and keep the cost of a beat reflective of it’s popularity and productivity combined. This means that the higher value waters may well have larger catch returns, but please don’t neglect the 2 and 3 token beats as some challenging access or a modest walk from the car may well be obscuring a truly incredible catch.

The very point of the passport scheme is to try out rivers that you may not have normally considered. Less than £10 can get you a day’s access to wild, remote trout streams, or rural lowland rivers. With many of our beats owned by local clubs, you can learn and experience their rivers at a reasonable rate before choosing your allegiance.

If the standard offering listed on this site or the Fishery Guide isn’t wild and remote enough, we also offer the fantastic Dartmoor Fishery, where for just £10 a day, you can have access to the truly wild brown trout of the East and West Dart and their tributaries or their salmon and seatrout for just £30 per day (weekly and yearly tickets are also available).

Throughout the year, we’ll be posting videos, blog posts and photos to help you make the most of fishing on the Passport, so keep an eye out here and don’t forget to follow us on the usual social channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Local restrictions are in place across many of our beats and we do ask that all anglers read the information provided before fishing to make sure they are fishing legally and responsibly. As ever a valid Environment Agency rod license is a legal requirement to fish and there have been a number of improvements to this over the last couple of years:

  • The license is now on a rolling 12 month basis from the date of purchase
  • Children under 12 don’t need a licence. However, if you take a child under 12 fishing and hold the rod or help hold it you must buy a licence for yourself.
  • There are 2 types of licences:
    • trout, coarse fish and eel licences that let you fish for non-migratory trout, char, coarse fish, eel and smelt
    • salmon and sea trout licences that let you fish for salmon, sea trout and all of the fish in the licence above

Licenses can be bought online at

Prices for 12-month licences after 1 April 2017

Licence type Trout and coarse 2-rod Trout and coarse 3-rod Salmon and sea trout
Standard £30 £45 £82
Over 65 and disabled £20 £30 £54
Junior (12 to 16) free free free

You must always carry your rod licence when you’re fishing or you could be prosecuted.


Good luck in 2017