*Please note that the Red lines represent the sections that you Cannot fish. All other sections of the East Dart (including Wallabrook and Stannonbrook) and West Dart (Including; Blackabrook, Cherrybrook, Cowsic and Swincombe) are fishable with the Duchy of Cornwall permit.

Important news on Duchy of Cornwall waters during Covid-19 . Anglers may purchase Day and Week Permits for both Brown trout, and Salmon/Seatrout from James Bowden & Son, Buckfast Post Office, White Hart Hotel and Two Bridges Hotel.

Season permits for both Brown trout, and Salmon/Seatrout may be purchased from the shop section of this website.

Day permits may also be purchased via the Fish Pass app, With QR codes for Fish Pass day passes located in the shop section of this website, and on site from Princetown Post Office.


The Westcountry Rivers Trust is delighted that the Duchy of Cornwall’s Dartmoor Fishery continues to be available through the Westcountry Angling Passport. This partnership aims to maintain access to the excellent fishing on Dartmoor’s rivers and also deliver long-term benefits to the environment and native fisheries of Dartmoor. In 2010 practical river improvement works were started on the lower West Dart. Work has continued to take place throughout the fishery since then. The East and West Dart rivers and their tributaries provide some of the best wild brown trout, sea trout and salmon fishing in the UK – there are over 25kms of the river to be explored and we hope the information provided in the links below will be a useful source of information for local and visiting anglers.  The Dartmoor Fishery is fished via day, week or season tickets available from the 4 agents on and around the Moor (James Bowden & Son, Buckfast Post Office, White Hart Hotel and Two Bridges Hotel). The usual Dartmoor Fishery Guide is available from agents and also as a download from the link below.  Tokens can be used to pay or part pay for Tickets on the Dartmoor Fishery, however, no cash can be given as change from tokens.

We have also included details of the Kennick and Fernworthy reservoirs as these venues offer even more variety to the angler on Dartmoor.   Sometimes it is necessary to use catch restrictions in order to protect vulnerable fish stocks. Please check this page in order to fish within current regulations and guidelines.  Please note that you will also need an EA rod license in order to fish in England with a rod and line, these can be bought from Postbridge, Princetown, and Buckfast post offices, as well as online.