From the 2nd of September 2018, we will start a series of river clean ups at a variety of locations around Devon and Cornwall.

Starting at the Passport beat, St Leonards, WRT staff will be on hand to lead essential river maintenance and whatever needed to improve the location.

St Leonards is a terrific little stream that runs into the Tamar, and although it can suffer from a lot of colour in high water, the quality of the trout and grayling are excellent. Improving habitat by removing man made rubbish and reducing the shading of the river will have an impact on the quality and quantity of fish. Enjoyable fishing usually equals a healthy river for all.

If you would like to come a long and volunteer your time, we will meet at 10am at the St Leonards Equestrian Centre near Launceston Rugby Club. We will bring the tools needed (though if you have waders you are happy to use, this may be sensible) and some refreshments will be provided by St Leonards.

Those anglers that volunteer will also be offered a free day ticket so you can explore the stream with a rod and see the impact your efforts have made.

In October we will be looking further West to the Fal river so if Launceston is a bit far to trek across Cornwall, keep your eyes peeled for updates on this.