Fish Pass has been designed to be a digital update to the Westcountry Angling Passport. All the function of the website, the traditional tokens and the ease of fishing that the passport gives has been reformed into an app for either Iphone or Android devices.
As many of our rivers lie deep within a valley with no reception, as much of the functionality of the app has been made to work offline.

Explore Beats

To browse all the available river sections available in the app, click this. The list will sort by ‘nearest first’ so the beat closest to you will appear at the top and the next closest 2nd and so on. You can view them on a map and filter the list based on your favorites that you can also set in this section. All beats are up to date with information and restrictions and a map of the exact beat boundaries, you can also navigate to the beat with your phone’s GPS.


To go fishing you will need tokens. In this section you can top up your balance using either a Paypal account or a valid debit or credit card. Simply choose whether to buy five or ten tokens and you will be lead through the payment process. Once done your account balance will be topped up and be available to use for fishing immediately. Unlike Angling Passport tokens, Fish Pass tokens have no expiry date, so no need to try and use them up before the year end. There is also a third option to scan a paper token, this converts a passport token to Fish Pass


Go Fishing

Once you have some tokens in your account, it’s as simple as getting to the river of your choice, finding the token box where you will see a Fish Pass sign, and using this button to bring up the scanner. Scanning the Fish Pass label at the beat will take the appropriate number of tokens from your account and bring up a ‘boarding pass’ which is you proof of permission to fish.
When you have finished fishing, you just submit your catch return and you will be ready to fish another wild beat.

Profile & Settings

As the name suggests this is the place to find you personal details such as contact information, rod license number etc. You can also view at a glace how your season has been going, with a basic list of catches. There is also a list of your purchases so you can keep track of when and when you topped up and redeemd fishing.
Finally this is the place to find our Terms and Conditions.

You can find more detail on any of the beats listed by tapping on them.

The number on the lower left of the beat photo is the amount of tokens required to fish that beat.

Once you have set a beat as a favorite, you can filter the beat list to just Favorites with the button at the bottom right of the screen. To switch back to the full list just tap the button next to it that says “ALL”.

The app will only let you fish the beats listed, and will only show you your nearest 30 beats. If you can’t see the beat you want to fish, navigate closer to the area and refresh the beat list. once you can see the beat, the go fishing button will let you scan the code.

The circular icon that looks like a compass will take you to an over view map of all the beats where you can use Fish Pass to fish.

You can use two fingers on your screen to zoom in and out and tap on the red pins to find out what beat you are looking at.

This list is also filterable with favorites, so when you have favorited a couple of beats, and filtered the list, the map will only show you the beats you have tagged.

After tapping on a beat in the Beat List, a new screen will appear with photos and information that we hope will make you day more enjoyable and successful.

All the information ragarding access, wether dogs are alowd, methods of fishing and seasons are displayed in full here.

The Star in the top right is where you can set the beat as a Favorite. When it is a solid white shape that means you have favorited it. Should you want ot un-favorite it, just tap the star again.

At the bottom of the page is the beat map, tap this to access the interactive map, zooming and scrolling and seeing the detail of the fishable banks that the beat provides..

Tapping on the red pin will bring up the possibility of using your phone’s native navigation app to take you directly to the parking spot.

Through out the app, you can return to the previous page by clicking the < icon at the top left.

Topping up tokens is smple.

Choose between five of ten tokens and follow the instructions that Paypal provides.

The payment section is actually within paypal so you can be sure of the security of the transaction.

Either use your Paypal account or you can enter a debit or credit card number to make payment.

The “Scan Paper Token” button can be used to digitise a Westcountry Angling Passport token. This allows you tow convert any valid paper tokens you may have to Fish Pass tokens. Instructions on how to do this are printed on the reverse of any valid paper tokens.