Your digital pass to fishing in the Westcountry

Westcountry Angling Passport have launched a totally new way to purchase fishing.

The Passport, or Angling 2000 as it was once known, is nearly twenty years old and thanks to a major piece of funding we have been able to design and develop a mobile app to add function and ease to the process of fishing our beats.

You will still be able to buy paper tokens from the website or one of our token agents but should you want, you’ll be able to top up tokens ‘in app’ and just scan a code at the river to get fishing.

Catch returns can be filled in the app too, just a couple of “drop-downs” to tell us what you’ve caught and you’re done. But feel free to upload some photos of your day; to show off your catch, show off your photography skills or just to point out a problem with the beat that needs attention like invasive plants or a broken stile.

If this all sounds a little too complicated, you can just use the app as a digital brochure, things change on our beats every year and the app will have the most up-to-date information. Browse the map, zoom in to see what banks are part of the beat, read about restrictions and if you like the look of a beat, navigate there using your phone’s GPS.

We’ve tried to include the minimum of features, making sure that anglers that use the app have a better and richer experience than with the traditional tokens but dont get lost in a complex and flashy app.

Speaking of tokens, the app tokens have no expiry date. Our paper tokens can only be valid for the year of issue for a number of accounting reasons, but the app will allow us to break this rule, so if you buy some tokens in app, they will stay there until you spend them on fishing. But you don’t just need to buy them in app, we’ve engineered a way to scan any valid paper tokens into the app so come December, if you have a couple spare, scan them in and preserve them for the next season.