There are many ways the Environment Agency formats your rod license. Currently the app only accepts one format
Your license may look like one of the examples below:

2WS3FGA 92A33E

If you have 3 blocks of characters, only enter the last 2.
Never type the hyphen
Never type the space.

The correct format for the numbers above is:


The current release of Fish Pass sometimes says there is a payment error.
If your app does this after paying for tokens, please wait for a few minutes and check if the token balance increases. Often the payment worked despite the error message.

The App has to store a lot of data to work offline, so you only see the nearest 30 beats to your current location.
It will also only work to fish the beats listed.
If you want to fish a beat that you cant see in the list, you will need to travel closer and then refresh the beat list.

If you scan a code at the river and it says the code is invalid, check your beat list to see if the beat is showing.
If the beat is not in the list, refresh the list (you will need internet for this) and try again.

If the Go Fishing button keeps showing your last day ticket, you havent filed your catch return.
Please scroll to the bottom of the day ticket and finish your fishing session.
this will bring up your catch return.
Once you have filed it, you will be able to scan the code at the river.