The beat details for Boldford Bridge on the river Carey have always stated that this was a good beat to spot a Kingfisher.

In my experience you need a bit of luck to see one of these fantastic little birds and they often pop up when least expected so why would the Boldford beat be particularly good for them?  That I don’t know, there must be a good head of smaller fish for them to feed on and perhaps the thickets of willow and blackthorn provide good habitat?  Whatever it is there does seem to be lots of them at Boldford.  I was only there for 20 minutes yesterday evening and saw five, including the one pictured above that didn’t seem too worried even when trying to clumsily get my phone out to take the picture.

The river was still carrying a little colour after last weeks rain.  There was a sparse hatch of small olives, a few fishing rising and others gliding around in the tales of the pools.  Must take my fly rod next time and have a try for them.