Duchy of Cornwall Brown trout Day pass

This is a Duchy of Cornwall Brown trout day pass available on the Fish Pass app. Fishing on the Duchy is extensive and includes over 25km of pristine moorland waters at the cost of 4 Tokens (£12)

Please follow the steps bellow to download Fish Pass and to purchase fishing on the Duchy waters,

  1.  Download the Fish Pass app onto any Apple or Android device via the appropriate app store
  2.  Create an account, then top up tokens via the “Buy Tokens” green button, virtual Fish Pass Tokens are stored and can be used to purchase fishing on the day you intend to go.
  3.  Using a separate device to your Fish Pass device, please open this page and expand the product image (click magnifying glass with + sign) and display on screen
  4. *Please follow this step on the day you intend to go fishing* Using your Fish Pass device, press “Go Fishing”, this will open the camera, point this at the Black and White QR code on the separate device screen and 4 tokens will be deducted from your Fish Pass balance.
  5. Your Fish Pass device will display a “Boarding Pass”, this is proof of payment and permission to fish, please present this screen to a bailiff if asked.
  6. Visit your destination of choice and go fishing!

If you would like the QR codes emailed to you, please email [email protected]

More info about Fish Pass here – https://fishpassapp.co.uk/



Set amidst the Duchy’s Dartmoor Estate is an impressive network of some of Britain’s most beautiful rivers, extending to some 26km and comprising much of the East and West Dart and their tributaries, the Blackabrook, Cowsic, Cherrybrook, Stannon Brook, Wallabrook and Swincombe


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