Westcountry Angling Passport



Fish Pass

For the time being, all passport beats are Fish Pass app only.

Fish Pass puts all of the same tokens, brochure and beats that you are used to into a mobile app.

Buy tokens on your phone, find the beat, navigate there, redeem your fishing and even file your catch return all from our ground breaking app.

COVID-19 and Angling

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are only allowing fishing through the Fish pass app for the time being.

Angler, beat owner and public safety

We ask all anglers to follow current Government guidelines on the Lockdown and social distancing.  In addition to general Government guidance, please follow the recommendations below to ensure the safety of yourself, other anglers, beat owners and the general public:

  • Please use hand sanitizers before and after opening and closing gates, and fishing.
  • Please use line snippers instead of biting through tippets. This will avoid potential transmission of viruses as well as other pathogens.
  • Please park with consideration and do not obscure farm vehicles, gate entrances or paths.
  • Follow the normal Check, Clean Dry procedure with all equipment.

Fishing is a wonderful way to escape the mental and physical constraints that we have been experiencing in this unprecedented time.  The WAP and Fish Pass app have always been schemes which have trusted Anglers to conduct themselves in a safe, considerate manner and to follow the rules on each Beat. As such, we hope these extra measures will be embraced by all in order to protect one another and do our bit in the fight against coronavirus.

Finally, we hope that the rest of the 2021 season is a safe, productive and enjoyable one, with plenty of fish landed.