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COVID-19 Duchy of Cornwall Update – Tue 2nd June

We are pleased to announce that Duchy of Cornwall Season Permits for both Brown trout and Salmon/sea trout are now for sale. Please find them on the Shop section of this website. We look forward to seeing you on the moors,

Tight lines all!

COVID-19 Duchy of Cornwall Update – Friday 22nd May

we are pleased to announce that the Duchy of Cornwall beats will be opening for day anglers today!

After careful consideration, we have decided that the paper permit system is currently too risky to run, and have continued its closure. We will open the Duchy on Fish Pass app ONLY basis. We decided this for the safety of our permit agents, the public and anglers. Download the Fish Pass app onto any Apple or Android device from the appropriate app store. Please browse the Duchy beats and familiarise yourself with any restrictions. Find out more on https://fishpassapp.co.uk/

Where to find QR codes

We will be uploading the following QR codes onto our Social Media outlets and in this statement, We have put the Day ticket for Brown trout QR, costing 4 tokens (£12) below this text, and the Salmon/seatrout QR code will be located at the bottom of this statement-

QR code – Day ticket for Brown trout, costing 4 tokens (£12)

If you would like these QR codes emailed to you, please email [email protected] asking for Duchy QR’s.

How to purchase you day ticket

You can purchase fishing from your own home via the Fish Pass app, then travel to your destination of choice for a day’s fishing. To do this, find the correct QR code from social media outlets or in this statement and display on a separate device screen (such as a laptop), then follow the steps below;

  1. Download Fish Pass to your mobile device, then create an account
  2. Top up your token balance with “Buy tokens”
  3. Press “Go Fishing” button
  4. Scan the QR code. This will take the correct number of tokens from your balance, you will then receive a confirmation of purchase “Boarding Pass” on your device screen.
  5. Go fishing!

If approached by a bailiff, please show them the boarding pass as proof.

Week and Season Permits

We are currently unable to offer Week permits at this time, these will be available when the paper permit system starts running again. You may purchase Brown trout or Salmon/seatrout Season permits through https://westcountryangling.com/ these will be available in the coming days.

QR code – Day ticket for Salmon/seatrout, costing 10 tokens (£30)

We want to thankyou all again for your patience, we will be providing further updates on angling when necessary. Finally, we hope you enjoy the wonderful expanse of fishing on Dartmoor,

Tight lines….

COVID-19 and Angling on the Duchy of Cornwall Beats – Update 15th May (Amended 16th May)

The Duchy of Cornwall beats are currently closed.

Currently Duchy permits are not available for purchase from Permit Agents, and Fish Pass QR codes are not present at the Beats. We ask that you do not attempt to fish these waters, the only exception is for anglers who already own a Duchy Season permit, they can fish the Duchy of Cornwall waters.

WRT and the Duchy of Cornwall are working to re-open fishing on the Duchy in a safe and sensible way, which poses the least risk to our Permit Agents, Anglers, and the Public. We hope to re-open Dartmoor for day anglers by the end of next week. We will be providing updates early next week on how this process will work and how you may purchase permits. Your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated.

Tight lines…

COVID-19 and Angling – Updated Wednesday 13th May

After a long time off the water, we are pleased to announce that the Fish Pass scheme will start with a staged re-opening on Wednesday 13th May. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, not all beats will be up and running at first, so please take time to read the detail below to ensure your own, and everyone else’s safety and wellbeing. This message will cover the following points of information;

  1. The staged re-opening of Fish Pass beats
  2. The continued closure of the paper Westcountry Angling Passport (WAP) tokens
  3. Angler, beat owner and public safety

1. The staged re-opening of Fish Pass beats

We will re-open beats individually on the Fish Pass app. Please do not visit any beats unless they have been made available via the Fish Pass app. Closed beats will be marked ‘out of season’ and the app will not allow you to use the system to fish on closed beats.  Please keep your app updated and ensure that you respect individual beat closures. We will gradually open beats throughout the coming weeks. Please keep an eye out for emails, social media posts and Fish Pass beat updates to find out about beat re-openings. Some beats are set to re-open on Wednesday 13th May and these will be identified on the Fish Pass app and https://fishpassapp.co.uk/website.

2. The continued closure of the paper Westcountry Angling Passport (WAP)

For the foreseeable future, we will not be running the paper WAP system so please do not attempt to use paper tokens for payment of angling on the WAP or Fish Pass beats. Paper tokens will not be available for purchase on our Westcountry Angling website or through token agents.

WAP token Anglers may convert their unused 2020/21 WAP paper tokens into digital Fish Pass tokens. To do this, download the Fish Pass app onto your mobile device from the Apple or Google Play Store and create an account. Gather unused 2020/21 WAP tokens, flip paper tokens over and follow the instructions below:

3. Angler, beat owner and public safety

We ask all anglers to follow current Government guidelines on social distancing.  In addition to general Government guidance, please follow the recommendations below to ensure the safety of yourself, other anglers, beat owners and the general public:

  • Please use hand sanitizers before and after opening and closing gates, and fishing.
  • Please use line snippers instead of biting through tippets. This will avoid potential transmission of viruses as well as other pathogens.
  • Some of our beats have honesty boxes’ containing flies for anglers to use, add to and swap. Please refrain from using these until further notice.
  • Please park with consideration and do not obscure farm vehicles, gate entrances or paths.
  • Follow the normal Check, Clean Dry procedure with all equipment.

Fishing is a wonderful way to escape the mental and physical constraints that we have been experiencing in this unprecedented time.  The WAP and Fish Pass app have always been schemes which have trusted Anglers to conduct themselves in a safe, considerate manner and to follow the rules on each Beat. As such, we hope these extra measures will be embraced by all in order to protect one another and do our bit in the fight against coronavirus.

Finally, we hope that the rest of the 2020 season is a safe, productive and enjoyable one, with plenty of fish landed.

Tight lines…

COVID-19 and Angling – Updated Thursday 26th March

Due to the current coronavirus situation, we have suspended both the paper-based angling passport token scheme and the Fishpass angling app.  No fishing is permitted on any of our beats until current coronavirus restrictions are lifted.  According to Government guidance, angling is not currently considered an essential activity or one of the permitted forms of exercise. As paper angling tokens expire at the end of the year, and we do not know how long the current emergency measures will be in place, we are suspending the sale of paper tokens until further notice.  If you still wish to purchase tokens in anticipation of the easing of restrictions in the future, you can do so by purchasing electronic tokens on our app. If you have paper tokens and are concerned that they will expire before you can use them, they can be converted to electronic tokens using the app.

Electronic tokens have no expiration date. Please see the rear of your paper tokens for an explanation as to how this is done.

You can find the app on both the Apple Store and Google Play store, and more information can be found at https://fishpassapp.co.uk  If you sign up to the app you will also receive notification when fishing on the scheme resumes.

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